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Ros & Chris, the founders of the Sociable Bares, explain how it all started

We were sitting in our conservatory one rare hot day in the summer of 2000. Our naturist club is situated some distance from home, and with the usual domestic commitments it is not always possible to visit there and enjoy naturism at short notice (that is - when you wake up in the morning and it's not cold, cloudy or raining!). So on this occasion we enjoyed a clothes-free day at home, and got to wondering if there were others in the same position. We thought that there probably were, if only we could find them. We thought it would be great to find people living close to each other who could enjoy clothes-freedom in each others homes. Not much travelling involved, no dependence on good weather, just pick up the phone and get together.

We were also beginning to get a bit disenchanted with "organised" naturism. Our own club was not too bad for rules and regulations but one convention really did make us see red members had to be dressed for an organised social event. Really at a naturist club! Other clubs we have visited had similar requirements for dressing in the clubhouse, "work hours" even for visitors, and other nonsense.

At the time we subscribed to the national naturism organisation in Britain, but all we seemed to read in the magazine was criticism and in-fighting amongst the people who should have been leading naturism positively into the new century. There was also an emergence of PC-ness which threatened to destroy the whole concept of ordinary people being able to enjoy clothes-freedom in a comfortable environment.

So we decided to put our idea into action. We placed an advert in the national naturist magazine and hoped. To our great delight we had some responses, so we invited people round to our home for an inaugural get-together clothes-free, of course. We found that the sentiments expressed above were understood and echoed by our guests. We discussed ideas and created the guiding principles, and the Sociable Bares came into being!

Bares have come and gone since then, and numbers fluctuate, but interestingly most current Bares were in at the very start!

If you want to read more details of how the Sociable Bares idea works, have a look at the FAQ and Start Your Own pages.