An indoor beach party?

To save you having to ask………………

I'm single, can I join?

Not unless you can bring someone of the opposite sex with you to gatherings (you don't need to be in a relationship, a friend will do). As we are all couples we have an equal number of ladies and gentlemen, and this arrangement suits us all just fine. The guaranteed equal balance at gatherings is one of the main reasons why everyone can relax completely at gatherings. We do not aim or pretend to be politically correct. Our sole purpose is to have a good time. We sympathise with singles but we are not able to extend an invitation to you. Sorry.

I do have a partner but he/she prefers to keep their clothes on. Is it a clothes-optional gathering?

No, clothes-free. One of our few "rules" is that everyone is completely nude (no exceptions) at gatherings. Again, this is vital for the creation of the convivial atmosphere of trust and relaxation for all present.

What other rules have you got?

The Sociable Bares call them "Guiding Principles", and we only have four:

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Do Sociable Bares need to be members of British Naturism or anything else?

No, we are not affiliated to any organisation, we are a group of friends and we take people as we find them. You don't have to prove your credentials by anything other than your own selves!

This all sounds a bit too good to be true - are you sure that you aren't playing sex games?

We certainly are sure. We can only say again that we just enjoy doing the normal things that any group of friends does, but without our clothes. There is no invitation to swingers or swappers here. If that is your lifestyle, good luck to you but you will not find it at the Sociable Bares gatherings!

So you go around looking at each other at eye level and pretending not to notice?

Of course not! We get on with having fun. We interact with each other in exactly the same way as in textile (dressed) situations. Absolutely no concessions are made to our being nude. And we regularly take party photos for the album! photography

Photographs? Could we end up on the internet then?

Absolutely not. Photographs taken at Bares gatherings are given only to the other Bares, and everyone respects and values the privacy of everyone else as much as their own. We behave as friends, not as dubious acquaintances!
"The pics on this website were specially taken for the purpose with the full co-operation of the subjects"

Is there a subscription?

No, we are a very unorganised and informal group with no committee, no "officers" and no subscriptions. However the traditional "entry ticket" to a gathering is a bottle of wine and a (very) small contribution of £5 per couple towards hosts' costs! A free newsletter usually appears once a month with items of interest to Bares.

Would we be expected to hold nude gatherings in our house - we have children/old folks/nosy neighbours?

We always hope that new Bares couples will be able to host gatherings, perhaps after seeing how others go about it and find ways round apparent obstacles. But if you are unable to do so, for any reason, we don't mind at all and you can still be Bares!

How do we join the Bares?

Send us an e-mail to with a contact phone number and a few details about yourselves. We'll be in touch within a few days (lazy webmaster doesn't check the e-mails every day!). Remember we all live around Manchester in north west England. If you are too far away see our "Start your own" page!