Pub football anyone?

Contact us

If you are kindred spirits and think you would enjoy the Sociable Bares way of relaxing, e-mail us at telling us something about yourselves, and giving us your location and a phone number for us to ring you.

If a friendly rapport is established over the phone, we will invite you to the next Bares gathering. If you like us and we like you, henceforth you will be Sociable Bares!

We readily admit that it takes a very special kind of couple to enjoy the Sociable Bares ethos. But if you are reading this for the right reasons, you are half way there. Maybe you are traditional naturists wanting additional clothes-free opportunities as well as your club and your holidays. Maybe you already enjoy nudity at home and have wondered what it would be like to be nude in company. Maybe you want to try clothes-freedom for the very first time. Give the Sociable Bares a try. We won't mind - we're a friendly bunch. You have nothing to lose but your (groundless) apprehension, and you have everything to gain in enjoyment, relaxation and fun.

Remember we are in north west England!