A cheese and wine party

About Us

We are a group of friends who share enthusiasm for getting out of our clothes whenever possible. We just get on with enjoying doing the normal things that any group of friends does, but without our clothes. That's our philosophy.

We come in all shapes sizes, heights and widths. We're a mixed bunch, we have teachers, a nurse, an artist and of course other occupations as well. However, no matter what we are or how we earn our money, we all have the need to relax and occasionally slow the pace of modern living. We enjoy each other's company and we all have a similar vein of mischievous humour.

The Sociable Bares have no formal organisation, no "committee" or subscriptions and no long lists of rules and requirements for "members".

We all firmly embrace our four guiding principles, which are:

When we arrive at a Bares gathering the first thing we do is to get rid of our clothes. We just leave them in another room along with our cares, and because of that we relax more and enjoy ourselves more.

We are quite devoted to the gentler pleasures of life. Without exception, all Bares share a love of food & wine - Bares gatherings always involve food! We enjoy convivial company, we sometimes play a hilarious parlour game or two and just occasionally we put the world to rights

Small groups of Bares get together regularly in between our monthly gatherings, often just for a quiet clothes-free dinner party. Never a week goes by without at least one such in-between.

We celebrate all the usual festivals in appropriate style. Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas Parties all have their place in our calendar. Not always their accepted place, as we have Bonfire Night in August and Beach Parties in February!

The Sociable Bares really know how to enjoy themselves! Why not join us?