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Welcome to the Sociable Bares website.

We are glad you have found us and we hope you enjoy your visit.

We are a group of friends from the north west of England who share a wonderful way to have fun and relieve the stress of life in the 21st century.

We meet up regularly, we wine and dine, we party, we do all the things that any group of friends does the world over.

But whatever we are doing, we do it clothes-free. We do all our socialising clothes-free. We don't wear any clothes when we meet. We enjoy being completely nude for a few hours when we are relaxing amongst our friends. We have yet to find a better way of driving away the stresses and strains of the daily round.

For us clothes freedom is for relaxing at home with friends, not just for the naturist beach or Club. We could not live without our regular few hours of quite literally casting off our clothes & our cares.

Find out more about us and our philosophy on these pages - if you like it and you live in our area give us a shout, or if you are far away, why not start your own Sociable Bares?

By the way, we should make it clear that we are not swingers. If that is your lifestyle, good luck to you but you won't find it at the Sociable Bares

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